Aruba is blessed with clear skies, bright sunshine (more sunny days than any other island!) and cooling trade winds practically every day of the year. Except for a few scattered weather events annually and some brief showers on some days (very welcomed by our tropical plants!), the sun does indeed always shine here! Wonderful Aruba weather is one of the many reasons for the island’s highest return-visitor rate in the Caribbean. 

On average, Aruba receives only 16 inches of rain, with the greatest likelihood of precipitation from October through January. Temperatures average in the low 80s year-round, with higher numbers recorded from May through October and lower temperatures from December through March. 

Aruba is known for its refreshing trade winds blowing from the northeast and southeast, peaking midday. Aruba lies on the southern fringes of the hurricane belt, with little possibility of a direct hit.

For more information on Aruba’s sunrise and sunset times please click here!

If you want a view of the current weather please click on either two webcams below. One is on top of the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort (left) and the other one is on top of Casa del Mar Beach Resort (right). Both show you a live stream of Aruba’s most famous beach, Eagle Beach. Maybe you can already feel the warming rays of the sun, the soft sand under your toes and the cooling Caribbean breeze on your skin. Enjoy!

See more about Aruba Weather on YouTube.

Bucuti Beach

Bucuti Beach

Casa Del Mar


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