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We do our best to give you our local visibility online to find us in Aruba. Local visibility is just that- to make sure our Mermaid Dive Center is there for you online to appears in local searches. When someone in our area does a search for a service we offer, like Certification CoursesDiving PackagesScuba Diving or Snorkeling Google takes account their IP address or location coordinates in order to help them find the closest search results as far as location is concerned. our Google Local Page is optimized correctly now, you could be close a away from our business to find us on Google Maps, we perhaps optimized our Google Local page to the max. please search for us and you can see us like the page we show above, also you can see our VR Tour online call See inside:

 It's not your fault! You are a busy tour in Aruba in your vacations with enough interest to worry about. Mermaid Diver Center do know how to optimize our local page. Also we have a virtual tour (Google Business View Inside) is a good start! According to Hector M. Mercado Google Street View Trusted, we are the first Dive company in Aruba with Google Street view see inside. till now!

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