Dive Instructor and Managing Director

Beside the love for teaching scuba Carlos is a Professional Commercial Mixed Gas Diver, a Hyperbaric Chamber Operator & Treatment. His Experience includes over 40 years of diving all over the world. He is license as a US Coast Guard Captain, Technical Diver, does under water welding, u/w cutting, u/w Demolitions with explosives and u/w Photographer & Videographer.

In additions to all those qualifications Carlos continue update and increase his own personal qualifications on developing his knowledge on professional skill like: resent certifications of completions from PSI & PCI; Visual Cylinder inspection update class in compliance with 49 CFR172.704 and 29 CFR1910.101 for Hazardous Material Training, as PSI-PCI Inspector.

Carlos attended a PSI-PCI Training class for Valve Repair Technician; Carlos has successfully complete a training course to oxygen clean cylinders for recreational diving and is designated Oxygen cleaning Cylinder Technician, PSI-PCI OCCT; Also Carlos has successfully complete a PSI-PCI Compliance training program for cylinder Hazmat and Fill Station Operations in accordance with applicable CFR and OSHA requirements.

Also Carlos is the managing director and owner of Mermaid Dive Center Aruba since 1990 and performs safe dive services to divers around the globe in open water of Aruba. By services all of them with personal attentions and professional dive experience and extensive qualifications.

Carlos Speaks 4 languages.