Mermaid only dive the best dive sites on the south side of the island of Aruba.

All our dive trips includes: Transportation from and to any High rise and Low rise Hotels, Cruise Ship Terminal outside gate, Tanks, Weights, Mask & Snorkel, Fins, Boat Trips, Boat Captain, On Staff PADI Dive Instructors/Dive Masters, Fresh water Ice cooler drinking water, Cups, Cookies, Fresh Fruits and Juice Drinks. We also have on board a restroom including toilet with push button flusher and toilet papers, Hand Sanitizer. A big fresh water bucket for digital underwater camera and a Big Fresh water equipment rinse tank with Antibacterial Soap, All Coast Guard approved Safety Equipment, VHF Marine Radio, Medic First Aid and two Oxygen tanks.


One tank boat dive $50.00
2-tank morning boat dive $75.00
One tank night boat dive (Plus U/W light $15 -extra) Minimum 6 divers to go out. $60.00
Snorkeling – including equipment $30.00
 Complete equipment rental on boat trips include: BCD/Reg. Octo, Air/Depth Gauge, Inflator. $30.00
 (Prices are based on per person / per day.)


While vacationing in Aruba discover the thrill of scuba diving in 4 hours, includes: DVD Presentation, Lecture, Pool (Confined water training session), one tank boat dive, On Staff PADI Dive Instructors/Dive Masters, Fresh Fruits, Cookies and Juice drinks. $90.00
Additional boat dive to a different dive site after 1st resort dive on the same day. $50.00
Repeat resort boat dive different day (2-tank). Not incl. rental equipment. $130.00
For Resort Scuba Diving Course: Please click Medical Form here for Participant Questionnaire:



! Your first dive with Mermaid is FREE with any dive packages!

Pay for 3 Dive Package Do 4 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $120.00
Pay for 4 Dive Package Do 5 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $155.00
Pay for 5 Dive Package Do 6 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $190.00
Pay for 6 Dive Package Do 7 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $225.00
Pay for 7 Dive Package Do 8 Dives (One Dive is FREE) Plus you Get a Mermaid T-Shirt FREE $255.00
Pay for 8 Dive Package Do 9 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $285.00
Pay for 9 Dive Package Do 10 Dives(One Dive is FREE) Plus you get a Members card FREE  for 15% Discount on all your next dive trip with us Next time for the rest of your live. $310.00
Pay for 10 Dive Package Do 11 Dives (One Dive is FREE) $325.00


With the unlimited diving package you get the TOP BEST DEAL with up to 20 dives!

Unlimited – air, boat, and shore diving with own equip. up to 20 dives $550.00
Unlimited – air, boat, and shore diving including equip. up to 20 dives $750.00 
Boat diving will be with us and shore diving will be on your own.

Meaning you have to have your own car rental for shore diving.

“own equip”


Full tank $15.00
Regulator with octopus, S.P.G., Depth Gauge. $15.00
B.C.D. $15.00
Weight belt $8.00
Wet-suit $9.00
Tank Air fill $10.00
Mask, or Snorkel, or Fins $10.00
Snorkel package included: Mask, fins & snorkel. $25.00
Night dive light $15.00
Underwater digital Camera (Including Transfer pictures and Videos) $45.00


Refresher Course for certified divers not active diving for more than 1 year to 1 ½ year or more. Including DVD, lecture, dive tables, equipment setup and pool/confined water session. $35.00
Open Water Referral check out per dive $75.00
E-Learning Pool (Confined water training 1-5) and Water-man-ship evaluation

Open Water Referral check out dives (including 4 open water dives in 2 days)



Scuba Diver certification (including 3 class room sessions, 3 pool sessions, 2 open water dives. $315.00
Open Water Diver certification (including 5 class room sessions, 5 pool sessions, 4 open water dives,) $390.00
E-Learning Advanced Open Water Diver certification (including 5 open water dives)

Mandatory dives are: Deep and Compass Navigation: Electives Dives can be Wreck Dive, Drift dive and Boat Dive.

Medical First Response certification (including class room sessions) $120.00
Rescue Diver certification (including 1-2 class room sessions, 12 exercise modules, 6 open water dives, all equipment ) $425.00
Dive Master certification (call for details) $851.00
+ Specialty certifications offered in deep diving, night diving, wreck diving, boat diving, U/W naturalist, and more… Per dive. $75.00

Not included in Diving Courses: 

Rental BCD/Reg. Cost US$30.00 p/p p/d. (If needed),

Rental Wet Suit Cost US$9.00 p/p p/d. (If needed), 

Processing Papers PADI P.I.C. Cost US$30.00 p/p.

Log Book Cost US$30.00 (If needed)

For any Course Please click Medical Form here for Participant Questionnaire:

Divers must show certification card prior to time of activity. No diving 24 hours prior to departure.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars per person. Surcharge $ 7.95 p/p – p/trip & Sales Tax 6% will be added.

Payment must be made prior to activity.

Prices are subject to change. Payment methods: Cash / Visa / MasterCard / Discover.

Click here for Reservation Form, Request, Questions/Comments:

Tell: +297-587-4103 or

Cell: +297-593-3920 │  │ 

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