Hector Marcelo Mercado, Oranjestad, Aruba Dutch Caribbean

“The best experience divers on Aruba since 1990”

100% recommendations from my side, if you like to know the underwater of Aruba, you need to know your people, to have a confident service and support of your diver sport for first time or for all your experience dives activities under the water in this part of globe, I have a very good experience with Mermaid Dive Center. Specially when you know very well the underwater of Aruba and his history in so many years.

I observe Carlos comment to me the Antilla Shipwreck is no longer safe place to be for divers, better follow the instructions of experience business owner diver. Other impressive observations: I note Carlos has a extensive certifications of many cain of certifications who support his safety knowledge, professional capacity like this: Carlos has successfully complete a PSI-PCI Compliance training program for cylinder Hazmat and Fill Station Operations in accordance with applicable CFR and OSHA requirements.

I’m commercial Diver since 1984, and Sport Diver since 1990 in Aruba, long time Traveler around the globe, also as Carlos formerly Commercial Diver, I may said his